English Splendor


A new lawn rises above the motor court setting a distinct axis for this well-loved property. Matching radial stairs mirror one another in the cobbled arrival while the front door is framed by a pair of rare English Coade stone whippets. Cohesive, exquisitely detailed, transporting scenes are set throughout by Howard Design Studio who joined the owners and architect, D. Stanley Dixon to rethink the house and especially the grounds. Level changes, terraces, retaining walls, paths, a croquet court, and fencing are in rapport with abundant plantings. Hemlock, weeping Japanese maple, climbing jasmine and limelight hydrangea are but a few. Newly transcendent, house and compound are rendered idyllic.

  • Renovation & Additions Architect: D. Stanley Dixon
  • Builder: Breiding & Sons
  • Garden Construction: Michael Jackson Landscape Co.
  • Garden Maintenance: Galbraith Grounds Management
  • Photographer: Emily Followill

Howard Design Studio