John Howard, ASLA, CLARB

Founder & Creative Director

John Howard’s layered, understated landscapes are about architecture as much as the land; his passion and instinct align the two as one. Known for his appreciation of refined residential architecture, his thorough approach supports the strength of a structure with its garden surroundings. John notes, “In photographing our work the architecture is always evident. This is intentional and demonstrates how important the collaborative process is to us and the excellence and cohesiveness achieved as a result. Close partnership — with architects, designers, our team, and our clients — is vital. There must be good architecture allied with the owner’s program and I am fortunate to work with exceptional people.”

A deeply thoughtful conceptualist, John creates impactful landscapes that endure. John leaves a property cared for and full of discovery; he delights in geometry, simple beauty, and creating places that are used and appreciated. He says, “I love envisioning how each component relates to the architecture: the spaces, materials, and axial relationships; the edges, pathways, courts, terraces, and lawn. It is a joy to bring it all to life.”

Tradition and history inform John’s designs with the goal of not being able to discern what is new from what came before. He observes, “You must think about the architecture, the place, and the passage of time. It is imperative to have a long-term vision, a sense of humor, and flexibility.” Often remarking that “achieving simplicity and ease belies extraordinary effort and organization,” John’s nuanced work renders environments that are purposeful and unique to each property. Those who experience the gardens of Howard Design Studio are forever enriched. 

Howard Design Studio